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Volume 45, No. 3/2007(March)

Int. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
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Therapeutics Intermittent administration of ceftazidime to burns patients: influence of glomerular filtration J.M. Conil, B. Georges, O. Fourcade, T. Seguin, G. Houin and S. Saivin Add to Cart
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Therapeutics Isopropanolic black cohosh extract and recurrence-free survival after breast cancer H.H. Henneicke-von Zepelin, H. Meden, K. Kostev, D. Schröder-Bernhardi, U. Stammwitz and H. Becher Add to Cart
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Therapeutics Intraoperative small-dose ketamine does not reduce pain or analgesic consumption during perioperative opioid analgesia in children after tonsillectomy Y.K. Batra, M. Shamsah, M.J. Al-Khasti, H.J.F. Rawdhan, A.R. Al-Qattan and K.G. Belani Add to Cart
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Molecular Target Therapy Transgenic avian-derived recombinant human interferon-a2b (AVI-005) in healthy subjects: an open-label, single-dose, controlled study T.B. Patel, E. Pequignot, S.H. Parker, M.C. Leavitt, H.E. Greenberg and W.K. Kraft Add to Cart
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Drug Utilization Antimicrobial use at a university hospital: appropriate or misused? A qualitative study V. Vlahovic-Palcevski, I. Francetic, G. Palcevski, S. Novak, M. Abram and U. Bergman Add to Cart
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Bioavailability Section A bioequivalence study of gliclazide based on quantification by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray tandem mass spectrometry G.D. Mendes, L.D. Moreira, A. dos S. Pereira, A. Borges, F. Yui, F.D. Mendes and G. de Nucci Add to Cart
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Letters to the Editor Interaction between activated VD3 and Ca channel blockers in patients undergoing hemodialysis S. Negoro, S. Izumi, T. Furukubo, M. Satoh, C. Matsunaga, T. Yamakawa, S. Ikegawa, H. Nakanishi, D. Kadowaki and S. Hirata Add to Cart
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Letters to the Editor Clinical impact of CYP2C19 polymorphism on the action of proton pump inhibitors: a review of a special problem S. Padol, Y. Yuan, M. Thabane, I.T. Padol and R.H. Hunt Add to Cart
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Letters to the Editor Reply to S. Padol et al. U. Klotz Add to Cart
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