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Volume 41, No. 12/2003(December)

Int. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
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Meta-analysis Use of statins in primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke. Meta-analysis of randomized trials M. Vrecer, S. Turk, J. Drinovec and A. Mrhar Add to Cart
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PK-PD evaluation Serum carvedilol concentration and its relation to change in plasma brain natriuretic peptide level in the treatment of heart failure: a preliminary study H. Konishi, S. Nishio, T. Tsutamoto, T. Minouchi and A. Yamaji Add to Cart
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Vitamin E Vitamin E and its effect on arterial stiffness in postmenopausal women – a randomized controlled trial A.H.G. Rasool, A. Rehman, W.N. Wan Yusuf and A.R.A. Rahman Add to Cart
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Bioavailability section Comparative bioavailability of silibinin in healthy male volunteers Y.C. Kim, E.J. Kim, E.D. Lee, J.H. Kim, S.W. Jang, Y.G. Kim, J.W. Kwon, W.B. Kim and M.G. Lee Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Preface K. Mross Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts The influence of liver metastases on the pharmacokinetics of doxorubicin – a population-based pharmacokinetic project of the CESAR-APOH H.J. Müller, R.E. Port, M. Grubert, R.A. Hilger, M. Scheulen and K. Mross Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Surrogate marker in clinical studies with anti-angiogenic drugs U. Zirrgiebel and J. Drevs Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts DCE-MRI in clinical trials: data acquisition techniques and analysis methods R. Strecker, K. Scheffler, M. B Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics after different dosage regimens of intraventricular etoposide C. Sirisangtragul, G. Henke, G. Fleischhack, S. Reif, C. Kloft, U. Bode and U. Jaehde Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Two schedules of application for mesna and their influence on the thiol-metabolism B. Kempgens, J. Kisro, Y. Gruber, H. Bahrs and T. Wagner Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts The role of hepatic Mrp2 in the interaction of flavopiridol and bilirubin: impact on therapy W. Jäger, E. Gehring, B. Hagenauer, S. Aust, A. Senderowicz and T. Thalhammer Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Assessment of platinum sensitivity human tumor cells J. Zisowsky, A. Becker, S. Weykam, M. Kassack and U. Jaehde Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Circadian rhythm in the regulation of the MAP kinase pathway – pitfall in the determination of surrogate parameters? R.A. Hilger, D. Díaz-Carballo, S. Bauer, S. Kredtke, M.E. Scheulen, S. Seeber and D. Strumberg Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Antitumor effect and potentiation or reduction in cytotoxic drug activity in human colon carcinoma cells by the Raf kinase inhibitor (RKI) BAY 43-9006 M. Heim, M. Sharifi, R.A. Hilger, M.E. Scheulen, S. Seeber and D. Strumberg Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Drug-drug interaction pharmacokinetic study with the Raf kinase inhibitor (RKI) BAY 43-9006 administered in combination with irinotecan (CPT-11) in patients with solid tumors K. Mross, S. Steinbild, F. Baas, M. Reil, P. Buss, S. Mersmann, D. Voliotis, B. Schwartz and E. Brendel Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts A phase I clinical and pharmacokinetic study of the Raf kinase inhibitor (RKI) BAY 43-9006 administered in combination with doxorubicin in patients with solid tumors H. Richly, P. Kupsch, K. Passage, M. Grubert, R.A. Hilger, S. Kredtke, D. Voliotis, M.E. Scheulen, S. Seeber and D. Strumberg Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Novel antitumoral compound isolated from Clusia rosea D. Díaz-Carballo, S. Seeber, D. Strumberg and R.A. Hilger Add to Cart
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Extended Abstracts Gene expression profiling of colon cancer reveals a broad molecular repertoire in 5-fluorouracil resistance W.M. Schmidt, M. Kalipciyan, E. Dornstauder, B. Rizovski, R. Sedivy, G.G. Steger, M.W. Müller and R.M. Mader Add to Cart
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